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Dear readers, we are no longer publishing new quarterly issues of Living the Gospel Life: Daily Devotions for Christians on a Mission. For seasonal daily devotions and other worship and Bible study resources from the publishers of Living the Gospel Life, please visit our website: creativecommunications.com God's blessings on your ministry.
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Our mission is simple

Living the Gospel Life is designed to inspire, challenge and equip Christians in a missional approach toward faith in action: a faith seeking to express itself in the home, the neighborhood, the workplace, the school, the community and the congregation.

  • Align the thinking and lives of God’s people with the Great Commission
  • Inspire and sustain a faith in action in everyday Christians
  • Equip us for the ministry to which Jesus calls all of his followers
  • Release us into the world to spread the Good News of God's Kingdom
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Pastoral Leadership Institute and Creative Communications for the Parish are excited to announce the launch of a groundbreaking
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Video: Everyday Evangelism - Young Adult Edition
Everyday Evangelism
Young Adult Edition
Video: Everyday Evangelism - In My Own Backyard
Everyday Evangelism
In My Own Backyard
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